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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Coursera...FREE College Courses from Prestigious Universities

I apologize for not posting for a little while, but I have been catching up on a variety of 
professional and personal projects. 

While listening to NPR the other morning, I came across Coursera. This new nonprofit is all about offering college level courses for FREE from professors at world class universities. As of now, they are just starting up, though they plan to offer more courses in the future. Check out the short video above that explains the basic idea of Coursera. 

I foresee a couple of potential opportunities. First, teachers can show high school students what "college" lectures look like. I feel like high school students are so accustomed to the passiveness of many high school classes, that they are blown away when they arrive at college and discover it is up to them to actively learn. Second, I feel teachers can take courses through Coursera in order to boost up their professional development resume. For instance, the University of Pennsylvania is offering a course on Healthcare Policy and the Affordable Care Act in June. Since this is something I teach in AP US Government and Politics, I could gain some new insights and learn about the complex law. Check out a video explaining the course below.

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