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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Quizlet Makes Studying Fun. (period added for emphasis)

Those of you who have read my blog in the past already know I am a big fan of Quizlet. Nevertheless, I am dedicating this entry to showing you some of the neat ways you can use it in your "classroom". Over the years, I have discovered that many students do not know what it means to "study" or they do not want to study. One of the reasons I like Quizlet is that it makes studying more interactive, personal, and FUN.

The video above quickly shows you some of the benefits of using Quizlet. The fact that students can play "games" as a way to study vocabulary makes learning more fun. Also, because my school is promoting that teachers use Edmodo this year, you can easily embed Quizlet flashcards into an Edmodo posting, thus integrating these FREE technology assets. Students can study flashcards and play review games directly on Edmodo.

One of the reasons I have become a Quizlet dork is the fact that students can study using a variety of devices. Currently, Quizlet has a free iPhone app--it works well, though you don't have access to creating flashcards directly through the app. For you Android users, unfortunately Quizlet does not yet have a dedicated app, HOWEVER, many free apps exist where you can use Quizlet. Check out the image below for these apps...

Here are a set of videos to help you learn how to get started with Quizlet...most of these videos are under 45 seconds:

1. 1-Minute video showing you the basics of Quizlet
2. Create an account
3. Set up a class
    - Invite students to your class
4. Create a set of flashcards
    - Use the auto-define feature (I use this all the time!)
5. Add images to flashcards
6. Share flashcards (this is how I embed flashcards on Edmodo)
7. Use test mode

There are many more video resources to help you learn about Quizlet. You can find them all here.


  1. Is Quizlet good for anything besides vocabulary-based flashcards?

  2. The focus is on vocabulary, though you can have students practice multiplication and division facts....as well as formulas.

  3. I think it depends on what you want to learn with flashcard. Normaly, users have tendency to learn vocab. But yoy can create your own flashcard for maths with facts and formulas. For example, I can create and find quite many these flashcards on the web I use: http://www.superflashcard.com/. It is also the nice web to use flashcard because it works well and support users effectively