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Saturday, November 8, 2014

I am loving Newsela!

I had the pleasure to present at the Powering Up with Technology annual conference today. After presenting two of my own sessions about Formative Assessment, I had the pleasure to check out Ms. Michelle Contee's session showing different tools for flipping the classroom. She shared a great handout full of resources, along with descriptions of each resource.

The most relevant item she shared for my classroom was NEWSELA. After reading her description, I jumped into the website and fell in love at first sight. NEWSELA provides current event articles for a variety of content areas. What makes NEWSELA special is that you can click a button to change the reading level of each article! I have spent many hours amending articles to assist my ELL students. With NEWSELA, I won't have to do this any more.

Additionally, NEWSELA provides quiz questions for many articles, and includes Common Core connections. I particularly like how they provide PRO/CON articles about timely topics. I foresee myself using these articles not just with my ELL students, but with my AP US Government and Politics students too.

Here are a couple of helpful links to help you get started:
1. Quick Start Guide
2. 5 Easy Ways to Use NEWSELA


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