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Sunday, March 6, 2016

EdTech Tips: SAMR Refresh, Screencastify, and Wizer.Me...

The SAMR model is something that many technology integration specialists persuade teachers to consider when teaching. I find that it is a good to go over it occasionally just to reflect on which part of the model I am hitting or I am not hitting. Therefore, I bring up the SAMR model again and show how it can be used using GAfE tools.
Screencastify is becoming my favorite screencasting tool through Google Extensions. In my last post I discussed how I loved Techsmith's Snagit, however, Screencastify offers a better product. Screecanstify allows you to see when you are recording with a little icon. Furthermore, one can annotate their screen using a variety of tools. My favorite feature is that a user can pause their video. Whether you want to make your own videos or if you want students to get in the action, you will not be let down by Screencastify. 

Finally, I feel like Wizer.me is all the rage these days. The tools allows teachers to create interactive worksheets. A teacher can include videos, text, and other multimedia resources. Teachers can assess using multiple choice questions, but the matching and image labeling functions are what I really enjoy. They do offer the option to allow students to write answers, but I did not like how I couldn't give specific feedback at the question location, rather the only place to give feedback is at the end of the assignment. Nevertheless, the resource does provide great practice for students, though I would avoid using the writing features. Did I mention the site syncs with Google Classroom? Well, I think I just did. This will make many teachers happy knowing they can efficiently assign assignments. 

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