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Monday, July 25, 2016

Two Helpful GAfE Resources

I have been busy training new staff at my schools. We are a Google district, so Google Apps for Education (GAfE) is an important topic.

My main resource is this one-page guide (screenshot is above) that hyperlinks to a variety of visual how-to guides.

As I was prepping for a presentation this morning I came across this fantastic Chrome Extension, Training for Google Apps. While you are using a GAfE product, you will see an icon pop up showing you product specific trainings (icon is below).
Training for Google Apps Icon
For example, while in Google Drive, the following tutorials exist. I foresee having our Google Apps administrator add this extension to student devices so if a question arises, a student can find an answer quickly without having to wait for a teacher or other student to help. Furthermore, I hope to incorporate some of these trainings in my own PD sessions.

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