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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Akindi...Grade M/C Assessments with a Scanner for FREE!

I have been a Gradecam user for over a year now. However, Gradecam has become a product one must pay to use if you want to scan more than a 10 question assessment. Then along comes a new guy in the multiple choice automated grading industry...Akindi.

Unlike Gradecam, where one must use a webcam to scan bubble sheets individually ..Akindi lets you scan assessments and upload them to be graded using a scanner. I work at a school that has copy machines with terrific scanning services, so it is relatively easy for me to scan hundreds of papers and email them to myself via a PDF file in less than a minute. I also like how you are able to reconcile scores if a student went to town erasing and changing answers.

Experts and education pundits can cry and moan about multiple choice assessments, however, we teachers in the classroom know that multiple choice assessments are a reality. We don't want to spend hours grading mundane assessments, though we want data to guide our teaching. Akindi allows teachers to get this useful data without much effort.

Akindi does not currently allow you to print bubble sheets with names and ID numbers pre-printed, but that will likely be a feature coming in the future. Additionally, one cannot upload a csv file containing student rosters, though when you do your initial scan of bubble sheets, Akindi will save the ID numbers. A teacher with 30 minutes to kill while playing some tunes can easily type in student names. I have sent questions to Akindi and the founder has been quite responsive and helpful. I foresee great things for this company.

If you are looking for a FREE service to quickly grade multiple choice assessments, you should definitely give Akindi a try!

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