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Monday, July 20, 2015

Up your Google Apps Game!

A new colleague of mine asked me today whether one could save a copy of the same Google Drive file in multiple folders without having to make copies. I didn't know if this was possible until I did some snooping and came across this great website, Google Apps Tips. Not only did the site provide a worded explanation of this process, but it also provided a multimedia presentation explaining the process too. Here is the link to this process.

I have spent a little bit of time on the site this evening, and I am very impressed at the site's layout and practicality that teachers need.

If you haven't set this up already, I would strongly urge you to incorporate the 2-step verification process when you open your Google account on a new device. I use this function for both my Gmail and my Dropbox account to deter someone doing something malicious to my precious files and personal information. Here is a link explaining the process in more details.

Finally, the site links up to short and informational videos for using Google Apps for work/school. I am including their most recent episode below.

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