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Thursday, February 4, 2016

EdTech Tips: Tab-Resize & Triventy

Hello fans and foes! This post is geared towards showing off Tab-Resize and Triventy

Tab-Resize is a neat Google Chrome extension that makes it easier to have multiple tabs next to each other in a click, rather than trying to resize tabs manually. If you or your students use Chromebooks or an older Mac OS, you will find Tab-Resize extension helpful when you need to view two or more tabs simultaneously.

Triventy is a great website that allows you to run quizzes/surveys in your classroom. You will notice quickly how Triventy is similar to Kahoot. However, I like the fact that Triventy allows you more flexibility when writing questions and answer choices. You can include images, and even add hints for students. 

My favorite aspect of Triventy is that students can see exactly the projected image on their devices. Kahoot doesn't do this, and it bugs me since students can't always see very well from in the back of a classroom. Triventy doesn't have the same data collection tools that Kahoot provides, but they tell me they are in the process of adding the feature.

If you are a big Kahoot user, you and your students will appreciate the change Triventy brings. 

Check out Triventy's instructions to help you get started...I always appreciate written instructions with corresponding screenshots :)

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