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Saturday, April 11, 2015

You Should Subsribe to this Great Education Blog: Mind/Shift

I came across this great blog, Mind/Shift, a few weeks ago and find myself anxiously waiting for their regular updates and articles. Because I subscribe to their posts (I highly recommend you do too!), I often read them in the morning before I get ready to teach. The blog focuses on the science of learning, with practical uses for the classroom. Mind/Shift delves into student motivations, the role of technology, gaming, and other big ideas that the mainstream media often glosses over.

The most recent post is entitled "How Memory, Focus, and Good Teaching Can Work Together to Help Kids Learn". I found myself reflecting on my own practices, while feeling good about much of what I do, but rethinking how I decorate my classroom. You will find their findings hyperlinked, giving the blog and its posts credibility.

As a classroom teacher, it is important to regularly stay in touch with new ideas and research. My favorite way to do this is by subscribing to blogs like Mind/Shift. You will not only improve your craft, but also find yourself feeling rejuvenated and motivated to help your students.

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