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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Google Translator

Google offers many FREE resources to make life simpler for teachers. One of my favorite tools is their Google Translate service. You have the ability to translate text into a variety of languages.

The following scenario is one I come across quite frequently. If you are calling home about a child and you think their parents/guardians might not speak English, you can use the Google Translate resource to create a few simple sentences to tell the parent. You will not be able to have a fully fluent conversation about the student, however, the parent can learn they need to set up a parent conference at the school with a guidance counselor and a professional translator. 

The Google Translate resource is not perfect. For example, certain words might have many potential Spanish translations. For example, when translating the word "to drive", many people from Central Americana use the word "manejar", while people from Spain use the more formal word "conducir". Nevertheless, if you need to translate a few basic pieces of information into another language in order to communicate with a parent, you should bookmark Google Translate!

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