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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Part TWO: A Centralized List of Exam Preparation Resources...

My last post showcased a centralized list of exam preparation resources for my AP US Government and Politics students. However, I have spent the last week working on this handout for my LSN Government students. In Maryland, all students must pass the Government High School Assessment (HSA) exam. Along with the HSA, I must give students two LENGTHY county assessments over the next month for which I will receive judgement (that is another issue...).

I have been teaching LSN Government for nine years, thus I do have a large supply of resources at my disposal. Nevertheless, I am always tweaking items and looking for new ways to help my mostly ESOL students pass this important exam. You will observe that I have posted a snippet of the handout above. This LINK shows the entire handout. I used a summary of the unit to include in the handout, along with three interactive resources for student practice-- Quizlet cards, Jeopardy Review, and Practice Multiple Choice questions. I have to admit that formatting everything took some serious time and patience.

Additionally, I posted a QR code to make these resources much quicker than typing in URLS, though I did work hard to create shortened URLs for each resources using Google's URL shortener. Not only was I able to create shorter URLs, but the shorter URLs helped me fit all of these resources into a two page (one sheet) handout. The QR code takes you to my Wikispaces website I have been using for many years. I don't update the AP resources, though the Government HSA resources are current. Along with all of the other resources I listed above, the Wikispaces site includes a Voicethread video reviewing each unit.

Even if you don't teach an HSA Government course, you might be able to use one or some of the resources I include above. Happy Testing!?!?

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