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Saturday, March 10, 2012

GradeCam Update...Thumbs Up!

In a previous post, I discussed GradeCam. I am not going to waste time explaining how it works with my words.  The short video above above can explain GradeCam better. I have only used the free version. The paid version has more bells and whistles.

I used GradeCam yesterday to grade an 24 question multiple choice exam. It worked perfectly! I noticed I made an error on the answer key after I scanned the exams, and I was able to fix the answer key and rescan the forms quite easily. I LOVE how I can get item analysis on questions immediately, helping understand where I need to spend more time reviewing. I LOVE that I can print the bubble forms on plain paper rather than using EXPENSIVE scantron sheets.

As you know, we teachers are told that we need to be using data to shape our instruction and GradeCam makes this practical and relatively easy. The image below is from their website and simply states the main features of GradeCam.
Simple Visual Showing GradeCam's Main Features

Keep the following information in mind:
 - Before you can scan an exam, you need to set up classes. This can be rather tedious, though you can upload a .csv file of each class or you can type in the names and ID numbers individually.

- As noted above, in order for GradeCam to work you must input a number to represent each student. I used the student number assigned via our school district, though you can make your own.

Overall, I LOVE GradeCam! I hope you try it out and find it useful in your classroom. GradeCam will definitely make student assessment more useful and helpful in your teaching.

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