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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Annenberg...Tons of Useful Teaching Resources!

I have rediscovered the great resources offered for FREE through the Annenberg Foundation. The following content areas are covered: Math, Social Studies, Science, Literature/Language Arts, Foreign Language, and professional development resources for educators.

The flier above lists some of the great items that you can use for free. I have used some of their videos to supplement lessons in my AP and LSN Government classes. Besides great videos, the site includes many written resources and lesson plans on a variety of topics within each content area.

For those of you who teach US Government, I recommend you check out the video series Democracy in Action. The videos cover much of what I teach. Because I teach many ESOL sections, I love how you can show the subtitles for each video. I highly recommend you discover their "Critical Thinking Activities", the "Primary Resources" (and reading questions), and the "Use the Videos" section.

If you try out Annenberg, let me know about your experience.

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