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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

E-Books Revisited: FlatWorld Knowledge

I recently discovered a great E-book website, FlatWorld Knowledge that houses a variety of wonderfully written E-books in a variety of subjects. As a social studies teacher, I can personally attest that the AP US Government and Politics book is great...lots of modern examples with substantial information. I like how each chapter has objectives, comprehension questions, and how outside resources are hyperlinked to allow readers to learn more about topics. 

I foresee teachers using the English, mathematics, and this college success E-book. The college success E-book includes information about taking notes, reading to learn, and preparing for exams. I enjoy finding resources that explain these topics in innovative and different ways. I find that many students don't know how to read a text to gain knowledge, as well as study for exams. 

For me, E-books provide another resource to help me stay on my game. Reading the same information from the same book or website creates an echochamber that can inhibit a teacher's creativity. I often discover new ways to teach content by viewing different and new materials. I am sure that you will find that these FlatWorld Knowledge E-books will renew your teaching juices!

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