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Friday, February 24, 2012

Another Annenberg Website Full of Great Resources

*Note: Much of this blog post is dedicated to teachers who teach social studies, however, if you teach about writing arguments and analyzing data, you will find some great lessons too.

The wonderful folks at Annenberg have a wonderful website dedicated to teaching civics. There are great  and relatively short videos highlighting many topics we teach in non AP US Government and AP US Government. Beyond the videos, I particularly love the "Critical Thinking Lesson Plans" and "Critical Thinking Resources" that I am excited to use with my classes (I write more about this in a bit). The website also includes an RSS feed of news headlines that can be handy when you cover current events with your students.

When you go to the website, please check out the amazing resources listed at the bottom. I wish Annenberg would highlight these with a larger font since these resources (including interactive games, background information on controversial issues, and more cool stuff) are of high quality and made to be easy to use in your classroom. The list of lesson plans will impress any civics teacher.

To those of you who teach writing, especially argumentative writing, you should check out this fantastic lesson plan. This lesson helps students understand how to build a strong argument. As we focus more on Common Core implementation, we will need to help students learn about becoming better persuaders.

I hope you are able to use these resources to help your students.

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